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GVP Weekly Volcanic Activity Report for March 16-22, 2011

Another brief post for today during this quiet week – I promise a larger post tomorrow, but it is going to take some time to finish. Today, you can live vicariously through the Global Volcanism Program’s Weekly Volcanic Activity Report – check out the info on some of the eruptions we’ve talked about this week such as Karangatang, Merapi and Kilauea.

Some other highlights from the report include:

Philippines: Bulusan has been out of the news for a few weeks, but reports from local airports and the Tokyo VAAC suggest some ash production over this past week. However, the details are scant thanks to thick cloud cover – read the full March 24 PHIVOLCS update on Bulusan for more.

Kamchatka: We find the usual menagerie of volcanism in far eastern Russia. Shiveluch, Karymsky and Kizimen continue to produce >5 km ash clouds on a regular basis and all thermal have prominent thermal anomalies present on satellite images. Check out the full KVERT report on Kamchatkan activity.

Chile: Considering all the talk of the connection – both short and long term – between large earthquakes and volcanism, Chile has been surprising quiet. We have a new report this week of 3-4 km / 10-14,000 foot ash plumes from Planchon-Peteroa, but by the end of the week, the plume was much more diffuse.

Top left: an undated image of the summit region of Planchon-Peteroa in Chile.


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