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Got any ideas for this reading teacher?

A reading teacher contacted me:

As the school’s remedial reading teacher I was asked to research a reading program for an extraordinarily bright 5th grader. Do you have any suggestions? His 4th grade teacher said he is too advanced to stay with this fellow students now that he is no longer in her class. The best I have come up with is a one-on-one literature program. Are you familiar with  HOTS or Mindlink?

Here is my reply:

I don’t know. Sorry. Can’t keep up with all of the learning software that’s out there. Also not a reading specialist… That said, maybe my readership has some ideas for you?

And here is hers:

Thank you, thank you, thank you… I am most appreciative. As you can see I can never find anything on the Internet and I want to help this student reach his full potential. Although the district I work in has a suburban zip code it has the personality of a city school. Most of our resources are utilized to help students reach proficiency and not to enrich exceptional students. I can’t thank you enough for your help.This child is special and I don’t want to lose him due to boredom or have him become a thorn in his young teacher’s side when she can’t handle him because he is zoning out or misbehaving.

Any ideas for her?


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