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Google innovation in the Big Apple

If you’re looking for a quick Google fix this week, Information Week is dealing. Start off by learning more about Larry Page’s pet innovation projects. Apparently, the Google co-founder thinks there is a real market in under-developed parts of the world for ultralight planes capable of traveling at

up to 90 mph. Then, in an article called New York Gets Googled, Information Week explains how New York is turning into a hub of innovation and creativity, all because of, well, Google. (With all due respect to Messrs. Brin and Page, I think that New York has always been a hotbed of innovation and creativity.)

For the ultimate in Google porn, check out the image gallery of the Googleplex East – a former Art Deco building in New York City that now houses the second-largest concentration of Googlers in the world. More than 500 Google engineers, salespersons and support staff hang out here. There are gratuitous pictures of the Google reception area, the Google gaming area, the Google cafeteria, a Google whiteboard and, of course, the Google Dilbert specials.

Anyway, for more on Larry Page’s talk at the American Association for the Advancement of Science, check out the photos of Larry Page over at CNET News.

[image: Entering the New York City Googleplex]


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