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Free will and Fatalism are compatible.

Could this be significant enough to answer the debate?

I’ve been away for too long missed you guys.

Anyway, when I read your guys free-will debates it ultimately turns into a free-will vs. some form of fatalism or determinism debate. I’ve puzzled why no one makes the point I just put on ScienceSaves newest blog and the answer for me about how free-will and fatalism are compatible.

The following is my understanding of free-will and fatalism. Free-will and fatalism or determinism are completely compatible if one takes a deeper look at the ideas. I’ve used the ant analogy on here before, I think, but if not, it works like this: In the shower I was deep in thought trying to figure this out; when I saw an ant on my tile shower wall… I realized that the ant has free-will to move ANYWHERE in any direction it wanted, however, the destiny of that ant was to die on the tile. When you study the cosmos and realize how vast the universe is and how small and insignificant our little ball of dirt is to the rest of the universe it is easy to see the parallel. Do whatever you want and be whatever you can be it still equals the same emptiness that the ant’s life did on my tile.

I look forward to your guys responses in either this blog or ScienceSaves….Stay Strong.


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