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Fact Checking the NY Times on Yemen

Waq al-waq expects better from the New York Times, we really do.

This article from the NY Times’ Steven Erlanger
includes this section:

Although Mr. Wuhayshi is still widely believed to be in control, he is considered uncharismatic, and his leadership and the merger were not endorsed by Mr. bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri, until spring 2009.”

Ok, so to be fair, the first part is an opinion – whose I’m not sure – but I strongly disagree with the roots of the sentiment, and instead I think al-Wahayshi (it is a fatha not a damma) is consciously modeling himself on Osama bin Laden, particularly the way he presents himself in videos and audio tapes.

The next part, however, is just wrong. It was November 2008 when al-Zawahiri “endorsed” al-Wahayshi not spring 2009.

Still despite our criticisms the article has some great quotes from knowledgeable Yemenis in San’a and is well-worth reading just for their quotes alone, while keeping in mind our (unofficial) correction above.


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