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Etna might be ready to put on a show

Quick post – you might want to watch some of the Etna webcams as the volcano looks like it might be starting to put on a show. Dr. Boris Behncke has been warning us that the volcano has been showing signs – such as small explosions – that a new eruptive period might be starting, and it looks like tonight might be the time. You can check out the seismicity as well to see the action begin to ramp up.

UPDATE JULY 9, 2011: It seems that Etna didn’t want Katla to steal the limelight, so today the Italian volcano has ramped up again towards a new eruption – UPDATE July 9 11 AM Eastern: Etna is done ramping, it is now in full eruption! Check out the thermal webcams to see the activity and hopefully the regular webcams (listed above) later today if the clouds will move on.

Top left: Strombolian activity at Etna as seen on July 5, 2011. Image by Dr. Boris Behncke – click here to see original.


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