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Cities on Volcanoes 6 Update – Day 1

Cities on Volcanoes 6 meets this week in the Canary Islands – and you can check out vicariously!

This week is the Cities on Volcanoes conference – now in its sixth iteration. This year the conference is in Tenerife in the Canary Islands and while I wish I could be there, I’m not. However, we can all live vicariously through Dr. David Calvo, who will be sending daily updates from the meeting. He’s been busy with the usual first day activities of someone helping run a meeting, but here is his first blurb from Tenerife:

CitiesonVolcanoes6 started just today at Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife, Spain), and right now more than 700 people are sharing their knowledge about volcanism and volcanic hazard management. Eruptions blog is there to bring the latest news on this huge event. Interesting opening session today, with special focus on Canary Islands volcanism. Plenary talks form Hans Ulrich-Schminke, Carmen Romero, Mercedes Ferrer and Ray Cas talking about the origin of the islands, historical volcanism, giant landslides (remember that mega tsunami form La Palma?) and explosive volcanism respectively. 52 countries are represented in this conference, and also different technological advances are shown here. But the most amazing and fascinating section, “Volcanoes for fun”, where hundreds of students from 3 to 12 years have shown what they think a volcano looks like. Sculptures, paints and much more in this fantastic volcanic week at Tenerife, home of Teide volcano. In the next posts we will give further information on different talks, posters and volcanic discussions. Stay tuned!!!

All week look for updates from COV6 here on Eruptions!

Teide volcano in Tenerife in the Canary Islands.


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