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Bloggers Who Were at the AAAS Panel Report Back

I hope to have more details on Sunday’s Communicating Science in a Religious America panel later this week and there will also be several media reports forthcoming. The turnout was stunning with the room packed, people sitting on the floor and crowding the doors. As discussion and dialogue took place over the three hours, it was clear that the diversity of perspectives really helped generate a feeling of unity and strong community in the room. A staffer from the Royal Society UK even talked to me afterwards about organizing something similar at a future meeting in London.

A few bloggers who were in attendance have already weighed in.

See the report from Mary Miller of The Exploratorium and what fellow SciBling Bioephemera has to say:

My favorite event Sunday – indeed of the whole conference – was a symposium, “Communicating Science in a Religious America,” organized by Scibling Matthew Nisbet at Framing Science. The entire 3-hour session was filled to capacity, with people peering in from the hall and sitting in the aisles. The quality of presentations was universally high – the focus here was on communication, and the presenters appear to know whereof they spoke, especially that humor helps the message go down.


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