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BlogBall11 – Edublogger fantasy baseball returns for Year 4! [registration due March 23]

It’s spring training for Major League Baseball and that means it’s time for another season of edublogger fantasy baseball! Last year’s champions were Harold Shaw, Vinnie Vrotny, and – for the first time ever in more than 10 years of playing fantasy baseball – me! (we had enough participants for 3 leagues last year)

Same rules and league settings as the three previous years. A trophy for the winner(s). Friendly banter, potential bragging rights, and loads of baseball fun could be yours!

If you’re interested, complete the BlogBall11 online registration form no later than March 23, 2011. [UPDATE: BlogBall11 registration is now closed.] First come, first serve. You must have an active education blog to participate. We’ll make as many leagues as we can fill. Opening Day is March 31!

[sorry for the delay on this; it’s tough to type with a broken elbow!]

For those of you who are interested, here are the final regular season standings for BlogBall09, our edublogger fantasy baseball leagues. As league commissioners, apparently both Jon Becker and I got to […]
Update: Our two leagues (yes, two!) are now full. Sorry… It’s time for another season of edublogger fantasy baseball (and, yes, you have to be an edublogger)! Last year’s champion, Jim […]

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