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BlogBall08 – Jim Dornberg, champion!

I am pleased to announce that Jim Dornberg of EdTechUpdate is our first BlogBall champion!

Well, okay, not that pleased given that my third-place team ended up sixth after the playoffs but, nonetheless, Jim deserves congratulations! Jim’s Motor City Kitties beat out Chris Lehmann’sLehmann’s Demons in an extremely hard-fought final matchup. As promisedCASTLE will be sending Jim a trophy to recognize his championship.

Here are the final standings (and a manager’s list) for anyone who’s interested. The first season of edublogger fantasy baseball was extremely fun. If you’re interested in participating next year, drop me an e-mail with the word BASEBALL in the subject. Maybe we’ll get enough folks for two leagues…

For those of you who are interested, here are the final regular season standings for BlogBall09, our edublogger fantasy baseball leagues. As league commissioners, apparently both Jon Becker and I got to […]
Update: Our two leagues (yes, two!) are now full. Sorry… It’s time for another season of edublogger fantasy baseball (and, yes, you have to be an edublogger)! Last year’s champion, Jim […]
For those of you who are interested, here are the twelve teams that are participating in edublogger fantasy baseball this year (in alphabetical order by manager): A Few Good Men, Jon […]

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