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Ask Donald Trump a question about innovation

Now is your chance to ask Donald Trump any question you want – preferably about innovation or creativity, but if you want to know something about Melanie, hey, that’s your business. Together with FORTUNE magazine, UPS is sponsoring a series of Q&As with cool business thinkers, and Donald Trump happens to be next on the list. In the current issue of FORTUNE, there’s a featured Q&A with management guru Jim Collins, author of Built to Last and Good to Great, who answers some reader questions about entrepreneurship, disruptive innovation and business leadership.

Anyway, on the FORTUNE site, you can enter your question for The Donald within a brief online form or just send an e-mail to the editors of the magazine: “Fortune editors will take your questions to Donald

Trump and get you answers. Submit your questions below or e-mail them

directly to [email protected]. Then read what Trump has to say in the coming issue of Fortune.”

ASIDE: Anyone else notice how Jim Collins is still perched atop the business bestseller lists with Good to Great? Now, he’s thinking about extending his brand with a new book called Great to Good (about companies that fall from greatness and become merely good): “I haven’t yet decided on my next book. I’ve got the two big research

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questions in late stages: “great to good,” which I’m writing up now,

and the turbulent-disruption research. One of those might become a book…” Next up, presumably, is something along the lines of Good to Not-So-Good.


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