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Guest Thinkers

As the Baby Boomers Age, is a Mobility Crisis Coming Down the Road?

MIT News Office‘s Peter Dizikes came by the AgeLab to discuss our research on older drivers and mobility. He posed three questions to me addressing:

Source: Peter Dizikes, MIT News Office

  • What are the principle safety issues surrounding older driver safety,
  • What is the potential of new technology to enable extended safety and mobility; and,
  • What is my perception of any mobility problems on the horizon as the boomers begin to turn 65 in 2011.
  • The interview (click here to read) is a good read. Observing, researching and working with government and business on older adult mobility for nearly 20 years I am convinced that action, urgency and creativity by individuals, governments and business MUST be applied today if we are to even marginally meet the mobility demands of aging boomers tomorrow.


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