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Army Officers Breaking Ranks in Yemen

As a companion piece to Waq al-waq’s ever expanding ever more popular post on the list of resignations in Yemen (many of these guys are apparently on hold with al-Jazeera waiting to add their names to the list) Waq al-waq is now adding a post on the list of officers who, while not resigning, are claiming to support the protesters.

All of these followed Ali Muhsin al-Ahmar’s announcement this morning on al-Jazeera, which I wrote about here.

This will likely be up-dated throughout the day.  This is not comprehensive, but rather key leaders.


Ali Muhsin al-Ahmar: commander of 1st Armored Division; Commander of Northwest Military District

Muhammad Ali Muhsin: commander of Eastern Military District

Sayf al-Baqri: Commander of Central District in Sanaa

Hamid al-Qushaybi: Commander of 301st Brigade in Amran

Brigadier General Husayn Zayd Khayran: Commander of Kahlan Base; 1st Artillery Brigade

Brigadier General Thabit Nasir al-Jahwari: 121 Brigade

al-Qadi: Commander of Military Police

Brigadier General Sadiq al-Sarhan: commander of Air Defense in 1st Brigade

Ali Abad Muthna: Republican Guard Commander in Dhammar

Thabit Muthna Jawas: Commander of 15th Mechanized Division

Abdullah Ali ‘Aliwa: Adviser to High Commander of Armed Forces

Ali Muhsin Ahmad al-Shabaybi: Commander of 26th Brigade of Republican Guard

Three months after popular protests began in earnest, Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Salih continues to cling to power.  His military has split.  Powerful tribal shaykhs have deserted him and protesters […]

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