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AQAP Suspects arrested in Ta’izz

The Ministry of the Interior has announced that it has arrested six Somalis on suspicions of belonging to al-Qaeda. The story is a bit sparse on details, but much of it appears to be circumstantial. The only individual mentioned by name is Nur ‘Amr Warsamu (I’m a bit unsure on the vowelling and transliteration of the name). The individuals were arrested at the Fatima Mosque in Ta’izz.

The links between AQAP and groups in Somalia is an area of growing concern for many people and Waq al-waq will try to keep up to-date on the issue, but at the moment Game 1 is on.

In a sign of just how sensitive it is to what I will call Islamist criticisms, al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula wasted little time in responding to what it called […]

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