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AQAP Denies al-Raymi’s Death

I came close to making it through the weekend without blogging, but the new statement from AQAP forced my hand.

The statement denies that anyone was killed in the strike on Friday that was alleged to have killed Qasim al-Raymi.

This Mareb Press article claims that yesterday numerous al-Qaeda figures met for a “Thanksgiving” dinner at ‘Aidh al-Shabwani’s house in Marib – Qasim al-Raymi is reportedly among the wounded.

The statement from AQAP goes after what it describes as a patter of lying and deception by the Yemeni government, which it says is eager to get money from Obama and Brown (it also mentions the upcoming London conference).

AQAP also responded to the Yemeni government’s call for war against al-Qaeda by stating that there is now an open war on “Crusaders and their supporters” in the Arabian Peninsula.

Much more here to dissect, but that will all have to wait until regular business hours.


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