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~7.5 km ash plume detected at Cleveland

A quick bit of news on a sunny Ohio Sunday:

The Alaska Volcano Observatory twitter account mentioned that a ~7.5 km / 25,000 foot ash plume has been detected from Cleveland volcano in the Aleutian Islands. We have noted potential activity from Cleveland over the last few months, but there is little in the way of instrumentation for the remote volcano. You can see the full VAAC report on the plume here – but sadly the Cleveland webcam looks out of commission (not related to any eruption). Cleveland is quite an active volcano, even for the Aleutians high standards, with VEI 2-3 eruptions almost every year for the past decade (and possibly longer).

I’ll post more details as I find them – feel free to do the same here!

Top left: A shot of the steaming crater area at Cleveland taken on August 15, 2008. Image courtesy of AVO/USGS.


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