Grass –Mud-Horse! China to America! No Dollar!

Grass –Mud-Horse! China to America! No Dollar!\r\n The main purpose of this high-pitched action is to tell America: I got my problem, you got yours, do not mess up with me to threaten my single- Party-ruled survival! \r\n In this Chinese – say- no to dollar incident which is mainly a political move. Prevent incident! It almost surely is their main theme.

Grass –Mud-Horse! China to America! No Dollar! If you still did not know what is "Grass-mud-horse," then this article is not for you! Warning: This Article is for Adults only! In March within a month, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao had twice shown his anxiety about his country’s US asset. Central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan in an essay released recently in Beijing, called for the creation of a new currency by IMF, that eventually replace the dollar. In additional to these, HKSAR Executive, Donald Tsang openly supports Renminbi (Chinese Yen) can be a future international currency, if time arrives, he suggests HK dollar may peg the yen instead the US dollar. These high- pitched actions all contradict with the late paramount leader, Deng Xioping’s advice to his country: China should keep a low profile , not take the lead, watch development patiently, and not keep its head up. When the G20 approaching, suddenly and openly Chinese officials confront Deng’s "directives!" Why? Is it just like the common Western concept and common Western media reported that those high pitches were part of China's increasingly assertive approach to shaping the global response to the financial crisis. Or just as the infamous China watcher, Economist described in its March 21st-27th issue: A time for muscle-flexing- As Western economics flounder, China sees a chance to assert itself-carefully. Here it hints the conflicts and stress " Western" vs China! What a cunning British!!! Same logic applied by the outra-nationalist scholar, Samuel Huntington in his infamous "The Clash of Civilizations": Western vs Hindu, Western vs Confucius China! The irony is that Economist selectively forgets to mention, France and Germany , especially Lady Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany flexes her muscle to US ! (Can I use here Western VS US?) Do you remember Prof. Lawrence J. Lau, the former Economics Professors of Standford University turned to the President of CUHK? Now his part time job is the Economy Advisor of Donald Tsang. Do you know who is David X. LI? His 2000 publication "On Default Correlation: A Copula Function Approach" was contributed the abuse of CDS by the Wall Street greedy bankers! Now 2008, Dr. Li is working for for China International Capital Corporation! I do not know how much the Chinese Government has recruited the "Brigthest and Best" and Western trained intellectualists back to China, since China opened its door to free market in the late 1970 era? I know one thing for sure China now knows how to use this soft power generated or formulated by this kind of Western trained specialists to counter act the suppress, here mainly made by the US, such as: China manipulates its currency, high- pitched by Tim Geithner in Congress hearing! I hope the Western media do not misread China’s high signal such as Economist opined: A time for muscle-flexing! My personal and humble opinion ( I like this humble quotation by the now Dan Rather, I guess he learnt a very hard from the set- up by Bush’s disinformation team that took him down from CBS years ago!) This global recession really hurts China -a huge migration workers lost job, a lot private companies lost business and closed! Export sinks deeply recently! The Chinese worry this kind of economy set back in addition to the political unrest, 60th Tibetan incident, 20th June 4, incident or massacre! All may will bring up big "incident" or incidents! That is why the central Government shouted loudly in their media: Prevent incident! Prevent incident! Result: a huge no. of Blogs were blocked! Internet chat rooms were closed, Google YouTube was killed temporarily. Even the once a Governmental newspaper supported "Grass-Mud-Horse" was killed short! They finally and smartly enough found out "grass-mud-horse" that is a Trojan house getting through the FIRE-WALL and can sing EXPLETIVES in Chinese song freely. Again my personal and humble opinion: Chinese Government knows there is nothing they can change the international status of US dollars in the coming G20. Only the the young, hungry, and innocent Mr. Geithner took the baits! The main purpose of this high-pitched action is to tell America: I got my problem, you got yours, do not mess up with me to threaten my single- Party-ruled survival! In order to prevent incidents and unrest in China in this global recession, they purposely misdirect attention to the Dollar and US asset. And Chinese temporarily break away Deng’s directives! In this Chinese – say- no to dollar incident which is mainly a political move. Prevent incident! It almost surely is their main theme. PS: Sorry! This Article is for Adults only!

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