Grand wedding

At present, I still can watch some famous programs broadcast by CCTV. For example, the Seven Dwarfs is my favorite one. As a child, I often watched the program as I finished my homework. Besides, without remind of my parents, I usually forgot to have something to eat in order not to miss some plots about the program. In other words, I liked that Snow White very much and admired her that she can find her prince. Hence, I hope that I can become her and wait for my prince to come across with me by accident. At the same time, there will be a grand wedding held between us. It is just a dream in the childhood but I remember clearly in my memory.Luckily, I come across with my prince accidently in the internet game by the latale online gold and he promises that he will arrange a wonderful wedding for me in a few years. I believe that there will be a grand wedding held between us and at present, he is trying his best to make the promise come true by working hard to make enough money to buy a set of house for us. As you know, there is large working pressure in the society and so as to reduce the pressure, I introduce the net game to my boyfriend and teach him how to enter into the game with the latale gold freely. Under my help, he is becoming familiar with the game and gradually know where to buy latale online gold. Indeed, he begins to be talkative in life and made a lot of friends online. Most of important is that he put forward a good idea that he wants to hold a wedding for me online.On hearing his opinion, I am very surprised and feel happy. Although the wedding is unreal, I can make sure that he loves me very much and can give me a bright future. In order to hold the wedding, he should own enough cheap latale gold to have the right to arrange that wedding. Therefore, he is willing to buy latale money to do more exercises online and as a result, he succeeds in earning more gold for free and owns enough gold to realize our wedding online.During the wedding, we get plenty of wishes from other players in the game and we are sure that the real wedding will also be held in the near future. 

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