Gone Fischin'

Did You Know? (version 1 and/or version 2) has now been seen by over 10 million people online. This is the post that went viral in February 2007. In November 2007 it was nominated for an Edublog award.

FYI, a new version of this presentation is now available:

Listen to this post!

[update: please see my comment below regarding permission rights to use this presentation; also, Karl says that the music is a mix of three tracks from The Last of the Mohicans]

Earlier this month I thanked Karl Fisch for his wonderful Did You Know? presentation. I've been playing around with a modified version of his original files and Karl has given me permission to make the new version available to folks. Here it is:

  • streaming Flash movie (online)
  • [Because of bandwidth issues, other versions are available here: QuickTime (.mov); Windows media streaming (.wmv); downloadable Flash movie (.swf); AVI video (.avi); and PowerPoint (.ppt) with accompanying audio file (.mp3).]

    I shortened it to 6 minutes, 5 seconds by deleting the first few slides (which pertained to his school) and changing the remaining slide timings; added a slide on MySpace; and made a few formatting and wording changes. If you've never seen Karl's presentation before, you should read my post on the impacts it is making on folks in Minnesota and then watch it immediately. More fun from Karl is available on his Fischbowl presentations page. [update: you also might be interested in the other presentation materials I use along with Karl's video]

    I'm using the presentation with a variety of different audiences: preservice teachers, district leadership and/or technology planning teams, doctoral students in colleges of education, other teachers and administrators, etc. As we all do so, let's keep in mind Karl's e-mail message to me:

    I'm glad the presentation is making an impact - that was the idea, of course (although mostly for my own staff, I didn't know it would take on a life of its own!). I hope that the conversations it starts don't just stop at conversations, but actually translate into actions for our students.

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