God took over.

I'm a advrage teenager i guess.. i use to like smokeing pot drinking, going to parties.. but one night after smokeing some pot i went home.. it was good friday. i was sitting in my basement room watching tv or playing xbox. Out of no where i had a urge to turn everthing off and get a peice of paper and to write. first thing i wrote i had no idea wut i was writieng.. (REMBER I WAS HIGH so that might explain this whole thing) First thing i wrote was "Mirrors arnt here to look at ur self, there here to look at what you could be" i sat there going wtf? thats a really smart thing to write down without thinking.. then i turned the tv back on ignoreing what i just wrote.. next thing i knew i looked down and i read "the day befor saturday" witch in this case was good friend. n then i started just tripin out worrying wut the hell was happening.. and again i had a sudden urge to go to my room and sitin my bed and just write... so i did. i cant rember all i wrote i still have the peice of paper in my room.  i rember reading after i was done  "Dont die for the dollar" and in bold letters "Love your fellow man" (witch i know it cud of been in my head and i just wrote it subconcisoly i doubted this whole thing my self untill something like this happened again but thats a differnt story) After both sides of a blank peice of paper was cover (BY THE WAY IT WASNT WRITEING IT STRAIGHT lines it was writeing everywhere upside down curving all over the place there was alot of just single points that wud help anyone in life) i got up 100% in tears just sooo pale and shaken up and the feeling left.  Its not a idea but i just want people to reflect on that i been still doubting it today. QUESTION IS dose anyone kno what messangers are like? like a phrophit? i doubt i am bcs i steal i sin aloot dont go to church, so ANY IDEAS ON WUT THE HELL HAPPEND HERE? OR WAS IT JUST SOME GOOD WEED LOL

How to vaccinate the world’s most vulnerable? Build global partnerships.

Pfizer's partnerships strengthen their ability to deliver vaccines in developing countries.

Susan Silbermann, Global President of Pfizer Vaccines, looks on as a health care worker administers a vaccine in Rwanda. Photo: Courtesy of Pfizer.
  • Community healthcare workers face many challenges in their work, including often traveling far distances to see their clients
  • Pfizer is helping to drive the UN's sustainable development goals through partnerships.
  • Pfizer partnered with AMP and the World Health Organization to develop a training program for healthcare workers.
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  • Some events described by reading the code took place after the code was written.
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