God, The elephant in the room.

As interesting as all the pure reason and logic that my learned friends leave me for dead with is... the one thing that should inform these arguments seems to have been sidelined a little... can I ask the Big Jumbo Sky God to step back on stage? Roll up, roll up!! Marvel at the nasty Old T Yahweh v.1, gasp at the loving New T Yahweh v.2 (nothing up his sleeves).. Don't even mention Yahweh v.3!! The circus is back in town.

Our Xtian friends get twisted in non-logic, insisting all the while they can have their cake and eat it too regarding their imaginary friend. I ask them to explain how a god they say is unknowable in terms that we'd understand, can be known to them? They say he has a nature, that is infinitely good? why? based on human experience in this world you could argue he was infinitely evil by the same measure?  They say he can't be unjust, and then wish away the implications that would condemn innocent babies to the same eternal damnation as mass murderers. When reason and logic fail, let's engage them on their own terms... what their own divinely guided holy books say. It's only fair. So bring on Jumbo please.. I have a shovel at the ready. 

How to vaccinate the world’s most vulnerable? Build global partnerships.

Pfizer's partnerships strengthen their ability to deliver vaccines in developing countries.

Susan Silbermann, Global President of Pfizer Vaccines, looks on as a health care worker administers a vaccine in Rwanda. Photo: Courtesy of Pfizer.
  • Community healthcare workers face many challenges in their work, including often traveling far distances to see their clients
  • Pfizer is helping to drive the UN's sustainable development goals through partnerships.
  • Pfizer partnered with AMP and the World Health Organization to develop a training program for healthcare workers.
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  • The findings may one day lead to a new form of treatment for those suffering from addiction.
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  • Rumor has it our after-dinner sleepiness results from the tryptophan found in turkey.
  • However, it is the meal's overall nutritional imbalance, not just the tryptophan, that make us want to leave the dishes for tomorrow. Or maybe the next day.
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