Ghosts, why is important for even the non-believer to pray?

Any one ever heard of his research on how emotions effect water?

Dr. Masaru Emoto

Many of you have heard, read or studied about Dr. Masaru Emoto and his concepts involving emotions and their vibrational effects on water. We greatly respect and honor the groundbreaking research and photographic techniques that Dr. Emoto is showing and sharing with the world.

Writings from Dr. Emoto:
" Hado: The intrinsic vibrational pattern at the atomic level in all matter. The smallest unit of energy. Its basis is the energy of human consciousness. The theory of 'Ha do' postulates that, since all phenomena is at heart resonating energy, by changing the vibration we change the substance. What has put Dr. Emoto at the forefront of the 'Ha do' phenomenon is his proof that thoughts and feelings affect PHYSICAL reality. By producing different 'Ha do' through written and spoken words, as well as music and literally presenting it to the SAME water samples, the water appears to "change its expression."

-"Our bodies are composed of seventy trillion (+/-) cells - each containing liquid/water. Water is a substance that easily adapts to its environment. Dr. Emoto freezes droplets of water, examining them under a dark field microscope with photographic capabilities. Using various positive and negative thoughts, words, ideas and music, Dr. Emoto's research has demonstrated that water's physical appearance is not the only change - molecular structure also changes. From Dr. Emoto's work we receive visual proof of human vibrational energy. He has gained worldwide acclaim through his groundbreaking research and discovery that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness."

This sort of stuff makes me wonder just how much our angry words affect ours and others health. But then of course it may also tie in with the power of prayer to affect ill health. Music is of course vibrational and we know how that can affect animals and even plants as much as it can us.

Even I know the importance of prayer , repetition creates focus; focus become paramount , not the words.

But is this the science behind the New Age concept of energy and vibration (and I guess the old age concept of Chi?)?

Lets take a closer look.

Dr. Emoto's research has demonstrated that water's physical appearance is not the only change - molecular structure also changes.

This sounds like new age gobbledygook to me. Sounds fundamental so it must be mysterious and therefore is probably correct ?!

If water's molecular structure undergoes change then it is no longer water!

The molecule comprises 2 atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, hence the chemical symbol H2O and the chemical name di-Hydrogen oxide.

There is a molecule commonly but incorrectly called heavy water, Deuterium. This is in truth really heavy hydrogen. Its occurrence through the Cosmos [approx 0.015% by volume] is evidence that supports the Big Bang Hypothesis.

Dr. Emoto freezes droplets of water, examining them under a dark field microscope with photographic capabilities.

Ripping stuff..........but the text that follows this stunning bit of intelligence tells us nothing of what he sees.

He has gained worldwide acclaim through his groundbreaking research and discovery that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness.

A perusal of the Wikipedia site will provide a more realistic view of Emoto's work from qualified scientists. James Randi has offered him $1m if his claimed results can be confirmed by double-blind tests. Emoto has declined the challenge so far.

Emoto also freely declares that he is not a scientist, so 'the Doctor honorific' is almost certainly bogus. The vignette to the right of the article is revealing.

Why be distracted by either ego? The amazing revelation's by science of the real wonders of the natural world are vastly more awe-inspiring and breath-taking than either ego battling for attention .

When we consider how the mind acts when utilizing common mental exercises like well.... focus is paramount . The words we use or the religions that formed the mantras are inconsequential to the results.

There is mounting evidence that the way we think has a direct relation to our health and environment . Although being me; I don’t think religion is required; to codify prayer as an ancient mental exercise.

Sub cultures are more and more informed . They also outnumber the theocracies that bind them. Greatest change comes from the few . The climate dictates change .

Many field studies on "spiritual" phenomena and para-normal activity have been conducted for some forty years..

Having been a stone mason for years I have come across some interesting ancient stories . Masons have had a relationship with organized religion for thousands of years .

It is common knowledge in the trade : that religious organizations have always preferred to have their structures built out of particular stone, whenever possible .A lot of those ancient structures are reportedly haunted .

It wasn't until modern times has man discovered that granite is slightly radioactive . Radiation is a form of natural radio waves or electricity and all stone (like all matter) is slightly magnetized . Matter has a measurable background radiation . Granite causes a natural electro-magnetic disturbance.

What does that have to do with prayer or ghosts? Well..." order to understand your enemy you must understand yourself..."-Tsun Tsu , art of war .

What is man? Billions of cells with billions of atoms , all communicating with a central hub, the brain . How does the brain communicate? Through electro-chemicals in the nervous system .The electro-chemical organism better known as the 'brain' interprets reality through a pattern of chemicals .

Various universities and government agencies have been studying electro-magnetic patterns in the brain and found out that there are certain constants . Basic commands create electro-chemical patterns in the brain, which use a low electro - magnetic charge to communicate : up ,down , left , right and so on . The military has been developing " hands free" flying with a similar device .All are in agreement

During these studies odd happenings would occur. Aberrations would appear and objects would move completely on their own . Then .....this professor from Nevada , who happened to be experiencing and documenting the same effects with his Tesla Coil "s electro-magnetic fields. Producing not only feeling a sense of aw and uncertainty : but other altered realities over a period of exhaustive tests ; he was able to actually manipulate objects physical structure .( Sorry I can't quite recall the professors name just yet )This professor from Nevada suggested that

".. the brain was naturally programed to communicate through electro- magnetic patterns and should those patterns be disturbed; the brain then "tunes in" to any electro-magnetic field thus warping our known reality by scrambling the brains patterns; "

All modern electronics generate this charged field on some level . 'Ghost' chasers understand this phenomena and often a test is run on the electronic equipment to measure the electro-magnetic disturbance generated by the hardware and structure you expose yourself to ; like the way your house is wired and the location of power stations and the type of stone is on your land...

All thoughts in the mind, create a pattern of chemicals in the brain.

There are specific patterns that identify commands like , up down...and interprit reality .

It has been proven that low levels of raidiation disrupts those patterns in the brain ; depending on the level of raidiation and location of the individual...ect..

The early church only knew that certain types of stone had mysterious effects on 'believers' and created a sense of aww and uncertainty .. nothing more at the time

Stone was an ancient example .(one everyone seamed to grab for) I used it. to point out that background raidiation has allways been there and has been used .. Stone is only one material .

In todays modern world the walls are highly charged with electromagnetic raidiation ;electrical wires , computers,microwaves, MRI ...have a much higher level of background raidiation and in doing so have a much higher validity than stone .I am not saying 'stone can capture thought' ; I am saying that a variety of materials influence the 'minds' perspective.

Psycology is at best an educated guess . Even in 'bag theory' , it says that throughout the genus homo certain social chariteristics become identifiable through social interaction. There are three major sets ; alph ,beta and gamma . Each set has a minor sub- set ; prime , neutral and minus . All but one combination ( alpha prime) of major and minor sets can be amalgamated to the prime of thier group : only with an understanding of thier social structure and thier surrounding sub-cultures . Alpha sub-sets detemine ratio of various personalities within a sub-culture .The 'melting pot' seams to identify personalities within the sub-culture . That's the basic 'bag theory' Bagging groups of personalities.

Doesn't allways hold up to scurtiny . The scientific method produces various results when applied to psychology .

For me psycology is just a few rungs higher than mysticism . But that is only my opinion The ground that science uses as a foundation (scientific method ) is sound . Psycology is mainly based on a case by case speculation . Science isn't without change , and isn't a world of absolutes either ; but a firm foundation none the less .

It seems to me that Science , not mysticism or psychology; holds more of a promise for veridical answers

But, what should one consider normal or another consider normal or one that a community or nation considers normal or some religious organization considers normal or what a merchant considers normal or a politician considers normal .... ?There is no 'normal' paradigmn ; ones mans garbage is another mans treasure .

A reality that even puts science on a shakey foundation...tesla coil , alcohol ,thc ,lsd ....electromagnetic stimuli ?

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