Editor X is setting a new standard for web design. Here’s everything you need to know.

Creators can now control every aspect of their business.

  • Editor X is an advanced web creation platform made exclusively for designers and agencies, offering total design flexibility with a unique combination of responsive design capabilities and intuitive drag and drop behavior.
  • The platform serves as a full stack solution with integrated business tools like booking systems, marketing resources, e-commerce and more.
  • Users can connect to external APIs and write custom code with a built-in IDE to create rich, data-driven websites.

Nowadays, people are experiencing the advancements of web design on their desktop, mobile and every screen size in between. This is why it’s important for web creators to have a platform that helps them achieve the same visual impact no matter what device it’s being viewed on. Editor X is a sophisticated web creation platform that gives complete design control and the freedom to build websites for any screen size imaginable. Here’s everything you need to know about how Editor X is reshaping responsive web design.

Advanced design capabilities

Made for designers and agencies who build sites for others, Editor X offers a revolutionary combination of responsive design capabilities with intuitive drag and drop behavior. Building powerful, responsive websites with advanced flexbox technology and approachable CSS allows creators to bring their exact visions online on the most flexible canvas yet.


Creating unique web experiences on Editor X doesn’t stop at design. With industry-leading web infrastructure, designers can provide brands and clients with a website that answers all their businesses needs. Websites can be enriched with a variety of integrated business solutions like e-commerce, booking systems, marketing tools and more. This means designers no longer have to struggle with third-party plug-ins, and can instead take their ideas straight to production on one comprehensive platform.

Custom code

To code, or not to code? On Editor X, the decision is yours. With a powerful code-free CMS, you don’t need any coding knowledge to manage the back-end content of a website and display it in a visually outstanding way. However, the platform does enable users to connect to external APIs and write custom code with a built-in IDE so they can create rich, data-driven websites and advanced web applications with unparalleled speed.

Make any vision possible on this revolutionary creation platform. Ready to get your site up and running on Editor X? Go create!


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