This one-click web scraper is so simple—and it's on sale now

Simplify the web scraping process with over 90% off this powerful tool.

  • AnyPicker scrapes the web content you want without extraneous code or formatting hassles.
  • Web content is saved without downloading other programs or uploading data.
  • A $499.99 lifetime AnyPicker subscription is now on sale for only $39.

If you've ever tried to copy an article or an image or a code or coupon off a website, then you're probably aware it's never quite that simple. Whether it's page layout or restrictive content protectors, you often can't grab and save the stuff you want without dragging a whole bunch of excess code and other gobbledygook along with it. And formatting usually goes right out the window.

AnyPicker is a Chrome browser extension that seeks to make the process of web scraping incredibly easy. You can get it for yourself and save a bunch of money in the process at its current sale price of just $39.

AnyPicker really is simple. You don't need to download any extra software, enter a password or worry about anything. Just click what you want to save -- and you're done. AnyPicker integrates seamlessly with Google Sheets spreadsheets, instantly saving your scraped data to an downloadable CSV file. You can even see your saved info in real time, so you'll always know you grabbed exactly what you wanted.

The entire process happens on your local computer and nothing gets saved by Google or uploaded anywhere, so your actions are never tracked. Meanwhile, you can make sure everything you might need later is safely stored away without having to break out code readers or cropping tools or other tech junk to make it happen.

AnyPicker is usually valued at $499.99 for a lifetime subscription to the service, but with the current offer it's over 90 percent off, only $39.

Prices are subject to change.

AnyPicker Visual Web Scraper: Lifetime Subscription - $39

Use AnyPicker for $39

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