Write in style for life with this 100% inkless wooden stylus

Two famous Italian design companies joined forces to create this masterpiece.

  • Styluses date back to ancient Mesopotamia and are considered the original writing instruments.
  • With no lead, graphite, or ink cartridges, this stylus will last a lifetime without replacement parts.
  • Two top Italian design companies worked together to create this unique stylus.

Ancient Mesopotamians used styluses to write in cuneiform. Egyptians used reed styluses in order to write hieroglyphs. Western Europeans employed styluses until the late Middle Ages to jot down text. And they're still used in Mexico in pottery design.

Writing still matters, even in a technological age. Research has shown that writing your notes by hand helps you retain information better than typing. That means your memory stays sharper as you age. You remember ideas and facts more efficiently thanks to the motor coordination needed in writing. And styluses offer a unique opportunity to connect with the original form of writing instruments. You can feel that connection for yourself with the Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen—a beautifully crafted stylus that produces elegant text with no ink, lead, or graphite.

This stylus is the result of a partnership between NAPKIN®, an Italian company with significant design experience, and Pininfarina, a famed Italian design company founded in 1930. Crafted with an aluminum shell and an Ethegraph (patented metal alloy) tip, you're guaranteed a lifetime of gorgeous penmanship with this masterpiece.

The Forever Pininfarina Cambiano is also beautiful. You'll feel a sense of elegance when picking it up from your desk to take notes or bring life to your thoughts. There's something to be said for such simple pleasures.

Connect with the original form of penmanship with this luxe, everlasting pen. The Forever Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen is on sale for just $64.99, nearly half off of the original price.

Price subject to change.
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