This Kickstarter-funded brass stylus helps you avoid germs in public places

Stop touching doorknobs, elevator buttons, and touch-screens.

  • The CDC says your hands spread germs on objects like tables, ATM machines, elevator buttons, and door handles.
  • Hygiene Hand is a tool to help avoid direct contact with shared surfaces.
  • After a successful funding round on Kickstarter, the Hygiene Hand is now available to everyone.

You've likely never washed your hands as much as you have in these last few months. But sadly, not everyone is as vigilant about hand-washing as you are. As the CDC warns, hands can leave germs on numerous objects—tabletops, handrails, ATM machines, elevator buttons, and door handles—which are then transferred to other people's hands. In other words, precautions are needed.

Hygiene Hand: Antimicrobial Brass Door Opener & Stylus was designed to give you peace of mind and give your hands a bit of space from germ-spreading surfaces. After a successful $570,261 funding round on Kickstarter, the Hygiene Hand is now available to everyone.

Designed by a former NYC paramedic, this 100% recyclable solid brass stylus helps limit the spread of germs by keeping your hands off of everyday surfaces. The flat tip allows you to press buttons without contact; the hook lets you open doors with ease. The hole makes for an easy finger grip while also serving as a key ring so that you never leave it at home. It's simple and so, so effective.

Trend Hunter notes the importance of such a tool, writing "The StatGear Hygiene Hand is a piece of everyday carry (EDC) equipment that will enable users to live a healthier lifestyle by avoiding interaction with common surfaces that could be covered in germs." Everyday Carry says Hygiene Hand is a great addition to social distancing and quarantining in an effort to protect yourself from viruses.

Hygiene Hand: Antimicrobial Brass Door Opener & Stylus is on sale for just $19.99, a 20% discount from the original price. You can also purchase packs of up to 10 for even greater savings.

Price subject to change. There are no specific medical claims that Hygiene Hand will cure, treat, or in itself prevent anyone from being infected with the coronavirus or other pathogens. Hygiene Hand is suggested as a tool to help avoid direct contact with shared surfaces.

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