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  • Over 1,200 business books are published annually.
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Every year, over 1,200 business books are published, and chances are none of us are going to read three books a day. So how does the modern professional uncover the proverbial diamond in the rough of online shopping carts? They go to Soundview Executive Book Summaries®.

Soundview has been summarizing business books for over 40 years. It works with bestselling authors (John C. Maxwell, Daniel Goleman, Stephen Covey, and Patricia Zigarmi) and leading book publishers (Bloomberg, HarperCollins, Oxford University Press, and Prentice Hall) to offer you the most pertinent knowledge of each title while skipping extraneous or repetitive information.

With your subscription, you'll immediately gain access to up to 19 books that you can quickly consume by text or audio. Each month will bring new goodies to your app. You'll get to choose from among Soundview's most popular business categories, including management and leadership, motivation, HR, technology, marketing, and entrepreneurship. You'll also gain access to exclusive content, such as Soundview newsletters and webinars.

As Inc. Magazine puts it, "Soundview is where some of the best business minds get their information." Join them by signing up for a one-year subscription. You'll save 49% off the regular price—just $49.99 for the world's best business advice.

Prices subject to change.

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