Become a Sam's Club member for less than $30

For a limited time, you can get a one-year Sam's Club Membership for half off, plus some other goodies.

  • A Sam's Club membership gives you exclusive deals on groceries, kitchen supplies, electronics, furniture, and more.
  • Beyond grocery deals, members also get perks at the gas pump, free flat tire repair, battery testing and wiper blade installation, early shopping hours, in-store pickup, business services, and so much more.
  • For a limited time, an annual membership is 50% off, knocking the price down to just $28.88.

Given the increased number of meals we're making at home due to the pandemic, there's no better time to try to save on groceries. To land great deals you won't find anywhere else, it's worth it to become a Sam's Club member — especially now, as an annual membership is half off for a limited time.

Beyond food, Sam's Club has low prices on electronics, furniture, and more. It's basically a one-stop-shop for any lifestyle product you could possibly need, proving all the more that membership is absolutely worth it.

Once you make your first purchase as a member, the benefits will keep coming. You'll receive a free rotisserie chicken and an eight-count pack of gourmet cupcakes. Just add them to your cart and it will automatically be deducted from your total amount at checkout. Consider it a welcome gift. Everyone loves free food, especially when we're stuck at home.

Note: There is a one-person limit for the membership, but you are allowed to buy one extra as a gift. In total, a yearly Sam's Club membership with the free food is worth $57.

While that amount isn't so bad, this deal drops it down by half, leaving you with a final price of only $28.88. If you break that down throughout the year, that makes it just a little over $2 per month. Considering all the exclusive affordable prices you have access to as a member, it's a deal. Once you're a member, all you have to do is find a location near you and start saving.

Prices subject to change.

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