Start your spring cleaning with this robot vacuum — on sale for just $40

For an easy and efficient way to keep your hard floors spotless, snag this robot vacuum cleaner while it's on sale.

  • There are convenient ways to start your spring cleaning without lifting a finger.
  • For an easy and efficient way to keep your space spotless, upgrade to a robot vacuum cleaner.
  • The Hard Wood & Tile Cleaning Robot Vacuum is only $39.95, which is a 69% drop from its regular price of $129.

Dust, dirt, and everything else has a way of building up — especially if you have pets. If you're still plugging in and lugging your vacuum around to clean things up, it's no secret that there's a better way. Upgrade to this Hard Wood & Tile Cleaning Robot Vacuum for more convenient and efficient cleaning.

Unlike the Roomba or other competing devices on the market, this vacuum cleaner works for any budget. But that doesn't mean it sacrifices quality. It features a 1,600Pa suction, two side brushes, and a double-layer turbofan that work together to clean anything in its way.

Additionally, the vacuum is multi-functional and has different types of useful cleaning modes. You won't have to worry about constantly dumping things out either, as it has a larger-than-average dust bin. As far as battery life goes, it automatically knows to recharge itself when its power goes as low as 20 percent. That means even less stress for you.

One thing to note: This vacuum cleaner only works on smooth surfaces and doesn't clean carpeted surfaces. However, it does have an ultra-thin body that allows it to easily get under beds and sofas for a deeper, reliable clean.

Hard Wood & Tile Cleaning Robot Vacuum - $39.95

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The Floor Cleaning Robot Vacuum is an incredible value that's priced at an extra-low $39.95. That's nearly a 70% markdown from its original value of $129. Stop making cleaning difficult for yourself. Start your spring cleaning without lifting a finger by snagging this robot vacuum before it sells out.

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