Land your dream job with the ultimate resume builder bundle

Get a lifetime subscription to the AI-based Rezi software, 100 different resume templates, and career-building courses for just $40.

  • Finding a new job can be a full-time gig in itself and lead to many dead ends.
  • This bundle combines a variety of tools and techniques, including an AI-based software, to create the perfect resume and cover letter.
  • The 2021 Complete Resume Builder Bundle will help you stand out as a candidate and land your dream job.

Are you tired of filling out job application after job application, only to get rejected or not even hear back? To avoid all that stress, try the 2021 Complete Resume Builder Bundle and get ready for it to make a major difference.

The bundle consists of two resume and cover letter-builder subscriptions alongside two job hunter-focused training courses, all guaranteed to separate you from the rest of the applicants. First up, each purchase includes a lifetime subscription to Rezi, a software that uses AI to perfectly tailor your resume and cover letter to the job description at hand.

Take a closer look at Rezi's next-level software:

Following that is the Resume Inventor, a platform that provides an array of resume templates to ensure yours doesn't just blend in with the rest of them. There's no landing an interview without a next-level resume and cover letter, so it's possible this is what you've been doing wrong.

You'll also get the chance to learn from award-winning professor Chris Haroun about developing an eye-catching LinkedIn profile and all the tips and tricks for properly formatting a resume. In three hours, he'll have you beating out other job seekers left and right.

A second course from Haroun is in the books, except this time it focuses on what you do during the job interview. It includes five hours of useful information, such as knowing what words to never use, understanding how to think like the interviewer, and plenty more. Soon enough, you'll be acing every job interview that comes your way.

Originally, a lifetime subscription to the 2021 Complete Resume Builder Bundle is worth $3,115 and if that doesn't get you the job, we don't know what will. The good thing is, you'll only have to pay a fraction of that price, as the bundle is on sale for just $39.99. Get a fresh start for this low price and be one step closer to making your professional dreams a reality.

Prices subject to change.

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