Get better sleep each night by binging content on Restflix

Restflix has over 20 personalized channels for optimal sleep.

  • 40 percent of Americans receive less than seven hours of sleep every night.
  • Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on your physiology, creating problems ranging from dementia to obesity.
  • A good night's sleep has positive benefits for your mental and physical health, including increased focus and reduced anxiety.

A good night's sleep is one of the greatest indicators of a healthy lifestyle. Getting at least seven hours of sleep per night has positive benefits for your mind and body but, for numerous reasons, at least 40% of Americans struggle with it.

While some people can fall asleep with the television on, your subconscious mind is still processing the sounds it hears. Instead of relying on Netflix, here's an alternative designed to actually help you sleep. It's called Restflix and it's a unique streaming service that will help you fall and stay asleep each night.

By harnessing the power of binaural beats, Restflix videos chill out your brain's arousal network. Instead of being on edge, you'll quickly succumb to your parasympathetic nervous system.

Calm is guaranteed with Restflix's over 20 personalized channels. The service's guided meditations, bedtime stories, and serene natural views and sounds will aid you in your quest for a truly restful night's sleep. There are even guided meditations for children.

You can watch Restflix on all major platforms, including Apple TV, Roku, iOS, Android, and Fire TV. With your subscription, you'll receive unlimited video and audio with no commercial interruptions.

Besides a better night's sleep, Restflix may also help you with evening anxiety, insomnia, and tinnitus. With five-star ratings on both the Google Play and the App Store, it's already made quite the impression on many users.

A two-year subscription to Restflix: Restful Sleep Streaming Service is on sale now for $49.99 – 50% off the usual cost.

Price subject to change.

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