This electrolyte popcorn is the smart post-workout snack

If you're going to push your body, you need to replenish with electrolytes.

  • Electrolytes are necessary for maintaining proper physiological functioning.
  • Athletes need to refuel their electrolytes after sustained periods of exercise.
  • Besides hydration, electrolyte levels are important in the maintenance of blood pH as well as nerve and cell functioning.

The supermarket aisles are filled with products that promise health, yet upon closer inspection, they're filled with added sugars and preservatives. Terms like "healthy" and "natural" are essentially meaningless. While nutritional guidelines state that you should consume no more than 50 grams of sugar per day, most Americans eat or drink double that amount. This has led to an obesity crisis with many negative consequences, including an increased risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic problems, just to name a few.

Finding high-quality snacks with organic ingredients is either difficult or expensive—or often both. That's where lytepop™ Electrolyte Infused Popcorn comes in. This low-calorie snack is packed with electrolytes, making it a great energy source for people who like to push their workouts.

Comprised of organic popcorn, organic sunflower oil, pink Himalayan sea salt, and plenty of electrolytes, this simple list of ingredients is high in fiber and gluten-free. It won't compromise your energy levels or weigh you down, making it the perfect fuel for health-conscious snackers and a much better option than reaching for that third bag of Doritos. That's why professional athlete, Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young, is an investor, partner, and spokesman for lytepop. He not only loves the replenishment, but the taste as well.

You can order four bags and six snack pouches of lytepop™ Electrolyte Infused Popcorn today for just $17.95, 28% off the list price.

Price subject to change.

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