Take the guesswork out of real estate investing with this analytics tool

Big data is supercharging almost every industry. It's about time to use it to your advantage when it comes to buying property.

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  • Mashvisor brings real estate data from scores of public records into one place.
  • This resource helps savvy real estate buyers spot deals before other investors.
  • A lifetime Mashvisor subscription in now hundreds off at just $39.

  • It's 2020 ... and data is everywhere. From e-commerce to sports to the foundations of our democracy, everyone is trying to extract the keys to unlocking the future from all those massive stores of accumulated data.

    Of course, it should come as no surprise that the big-money world of real estate has jumped on the analytics train with both feet. Now, you can take advantage of that advancement with hard real estate data that can make you money with a lifetime subscription to Mashvisor. It's on sale now at hundreds off its regular price, only $39.

    No more spreadsheets, no more searching. Using vast real estate data and analytics, Mashvisor turns 3 months of research into 15 minutes. Find out immediately what kind of returns a property will provide and what you need to outperform the rental market. Mashvisor compiles vast stores of public record information and trusted real estate sources like Auction.com, Realtor.com, Zillow and more to form a true valuation of a property. It used to take weeks and weeks of skimming through old records and scores of websites to uncover nuggets of valuable intel. Now, it's all crunched through Mashvisor in a handful of clicks.

    Armed with that knowledge, smart investors can quickly find low-priced properties for sale that can immediately turn profits as either long-term rental units or as shorter-term AirBnb-style vacation housing. Since speed is key, this Mashvisor data can help savvy buyers lock in bids well before old-school property chasers realize their true worth.

    A lifetime Mashvisor basic subscription (regularly $1,499), including the complete suite of elite real estate data sets and tools, is only $39 with this limited-time offer. Mashvisor is also offering an even bigger discount on its professional level subscription, which features “heat maps" and additional market information for just $99, a savings of over $4,600.

    Prices are subject to change.

    Mashvisor: Lifetime Subscription - $39

    Get the deal for $39

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