This massive project management training bundle is your ticket to a 6-figure career

Discover how project management pros cut costs and boost efficiency in any operation.

  • The Complete Project and Quality Management Certification Bundle examines the most popular project management methodologies.
  • Courses offer full examinations of Agile, Scrum, PMP, Six Sigma and more.
  • The 8-course, 114-hour package is on sale for just $29.99.

A successful project manager always has one clear objective: The triumphant completion of a goal. Of course, determining just the right way to achieve that goal... well, that’s where personal ideologies start factoring in.

While every major project management methodology leads you toward your ultimate goal, their varied approaches mean a qualified PM has to determine which plan works best for them. The only way to know is to be familiar with all the basics of project management. You can study up on all the most popular methods with the Complete Project and Quality Management Certification Bundle, a massive training package on sale now for only $29.99.

This collection includes eight courses with more than 114 hours of instruction, offering a full overview of key methodologies for getting a project across the finish line.

Agile and its most popular hybrid Scrum are the focus of four courses in this collection. Once you understand the basics of Agile (Agile Project Management) and its guiding principle of incremental steps toward success, you’ll then be ready to tackle Scrum. In Agile Scrum and Certified Scrum Master, you’ll learn how to use this even faster moving subset of Agile rules. You’ll also get familiar with Agile XP, which helps Agile followers zero in on even higher quality results without losing sight of your employee’s quality of life.

In Certified Associate In Project Management (CAPM) 6th Edition and Project Management Professional (PMP) 6th Edition, you’ll get a hard look at the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) approach as you train toward earning the PMP certification, one of the most recognized designations in the project management field.

Finally, Six Sigma Green Belt and Six Sigma Black Belt give students insight into another popular approach, this one focused on process efficiency and eliminating variations that slow down success.

Each course in this collection is a $146.25 value, but with this limited-time deal, the whole package is available for only $29.99.

Prices are subject to change.

Complete Project & Quality Management Certification Bundle - $29.99

Learn project management for $29.99

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