Up your game with Playstation Plus and this complete gamer bundle

Lose yourself in entertainment with this epic collection of games and restriction-free encrypted browsing.

  • Playstation Plus gives you an incredible library of free games and fresh deals.
  • Your gaming experience can be seriously updated for just one low price.
  • With VPN Unlimited, you don’t have to be worried about your privacy while gaming, streaming, or browsing.

Gaming has become a way of life throughout quarantine. Stuck inside, many of us have embraced our inner gamer and turned to our screens to escape the mundanity of lockdown. This has brought on a massive rise in active players for a huge variety of games, as well as a concurrent rise in interest for consoles like the Playstation 5. There’s so much to experience and enjoy on the Playstation, and the best way to optimize your experience on it is to upgrade to Playstation Plus.

Playstation Plus offers an enormous community of fellow gamers on games like Star Wars: Battlefront and Uncharted, as well as a plethora of other classic titles. You can play online with people all around the world on the best games Playstation has to offer. And, if that isn’t enough, you’ll also gain access to a monthly collection of free games, alongside a library which is constantly expanding what is available. Once you take into account the premium discounts that go along with it, this membership essentially pays for itself on the first day you buy it.

This bundle doesn’t just include Playstation Plus, though. It also includes KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, a premium VPN that provides users with privacy and anonymity. VPN Unlimited uses military-grade encryption to ensure your data is locked down from the malicious folks who want to gain access to it. This is valuable both at home and on the go, as KeepSolid will reliably protect your data even on unsecured public WiFi servers. Alongside that, you are given the ability to switch your location to over 80 countries, which allows you to access content online that's typically unavailable in your home country.

Together, this bundle gives you one year of Playstation Plus and lifetime access to KeepSolid VPN Unlimited for the low price of just $49.99 (regularly $258). With Playstation Plus, you’ll be enjoying yourself on a variety of great games, and with KeepSolid, you won’t have to worry about your data while you play.

VPN Unlimited Lifetime + PlayStation Plus 1-Yr Subscription Bundle - $49.99

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