How to become a masterful storyteller

From novels to screenwriting, storytelling is one of our most powerful forms of communication.

  • Reading has been shown to make you more intelligent and empathic, a trait that good writers learn to master.
  • Storytelling is one of the most important forms of communication that humans engage in.
  • While "finding your voice" is what writers crave, beginning with the basics is an essential step on any writer's path.

Storytelling is an ancient human vocation. The ability to transfer ideas from one brain to another played a large part in how language evolved. While for most of history our ancestors told tales orally, through evolving languages and pantomimes, we've become master craftsmen of the written word over the last few thousand years. As with any craft, learning the basics is essential.

The Become a Professional Creative Writer Bundle offers five master classes in writing prose, movie scripts, and novels, as well as creating unforgettable fictional characters across any medium. These 90 lessons teach you how to identify and replace cliché phrases, recognize what producers seek in screenplays, create tension and conflict, and write convincing backstories. The only limit might be your imagination, but having the right framework to allow your imagination to fly is equally important.

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