How to stand out as a professional photographer

While everyone has a camera, great photography is still an art mastered by few.

  • While everyone has a camera in the smartphone era, photography is still an art that takes time and discipline to do well.
  • Learning to use natural light and frame landscapes are two challenging photo skills.
  • Great photography begins by choosing the proper gear for the style you have in mind.

There are over 100 million photos and videos uploaded to Instagram every single day. Standing out in this staggering field of amateur (and professional) photographers takes work. Considerations of light, subject matter, gear, angles, and frames are all important when it comes to producing stunning photographs.

The evolution of the point-and-click phone camera has made everyone a photographer, but that does not mean everyone is a great photographer. That's where The Complete Outdoor Photography Bundle comes in.

These 94 lessons over five courses provide masterful tips on using natural light, capturing unforgettable landscape and travel moments, picking the right gear, learning how to use photo editing programs Photoshop and Lightroom, and even how to shoot nature like a National Geographic photographer, as one teaches that course.

While the collection obviously focuses on outdoor photography, the elements of lighting, exposure, shadows, and more that you'll learn can be applied to virtually any form of photography, making this a great resource for any aspiring shutterbug.

Level-up your camera skills today with a major discount on The Complete Outdoor Photography Bundle. For only $29 you'll go from pointing and clicking to getting scrollers to stop on your photos every time.

Price subject to change.

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