Missing the bar? Become a master mixologist in your living room.

Certified sommelier Carlos Batista will show you the ropes of bartending.

  • Neighborhood bars might be closed, but you can still enjoy your favorite cocktails at home.
  • Sommelier Carlos Batista will teach everything you need to know about vodka, sake, tequila, wine, whiskey, and more.
  • In his nine-course bundle, you'll learn all about flavors, how to read labels, and how to mix the perfect drink.

While the term "social distancing" is on everyone's lips, some recommend the term "physical distancing" instead. We might not be able to crowd into bars, but we can still be social. Zoom happy hours and cocktail sessions, anyone?

If you want to learn how to craft the perfect cocktail, the Mixologist and Budding Bartender Bundle is for you. This nine-course bundle is taught by Carlos Batista, a master sommelier. And by the end of his 179 lessons, you'll be able to mix anything in your liquor cabinet.

Do you wonder about the differences between whiskey, bourbon, rye, and scotch? A deep dive into the exciting world of whiskeys and scotches will educate you on the history of these spirits, teach you how to recognize flavors and aromas, and refine your knowledge of reading a label.

Courses in gin, brandy, vodka, tequila and mezcal, and sake will make you an expert on everything on the shelf. Of course, every sommelier needs to talk about wine, and Batista doesn't let you down. You'll learn how to properly taste wine and detect defects in a glass. You'll also be armed to decant a bottle in a restaurant setting.

Once you have knowledge of all these liquors, you'll need to know how to put them together. A 20-lesson course in serving cocktails will make you the star of the party—even if, for now, it's in the privacy of your living room.

Carlos Batista has worked in the hospitality industry for over two decades. Besides being a certified sommelier, he holds a Specialist of Spirits certification. He's a mixologist, entrepreneur, and author of 11 books related to beer, wine, spirits, sake, cigars, and hospitality service.

The Mixologist and Budding Bartender Bundle is on sale now for just $29.99, a 93% discount from the original price.

Price subject to change. Subscribers must be of legal age where they reside. These courses do not condone underage drinking in any capacity.

The Mixologist & Budding Bartender Bundle - $29.99

Mix It Up Today!

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