Unleash your inner da Vinci with these art and science drawing lessons

Learn how to draw realistic figures for comic books, anatomy courses, and more.

  • Masterpieces like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper followed countless hours of anatomical studies.
  • Leonardo da Vinci was fascinated by the human form.
  • The Complete Creative Art & Science of Drawing Bundle teaches you how to draw human bodies, heads, and more.

Fans of the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper are captivated by Leonardo da Vinci's exceptional eye for human forms. Those masterpieces followed countless hours of anatomical studies. Da Vinci was fascinated by the human form, most famously expressed in his classic sketch The Vitruvian Man.

There are many ways of capturing human figures through drawing, from precise anatomical sketches to essences of characteristics. The Complete Creative Art & Science of Drawing Bundle will teach you how to draw a wide range of human bodies, heads, movement, perspective, and much more.

In this 12-course bundle, you'll learn how to draw 3D objects that appear to occupy space. A human figure drawing course instructs you on the basics of anatomical perspective. From there, you can home in on heads, one of the most challenging aspects of the human body to draw.

Perhaps you're not that interested in photorealism. That's fine; there's a course on dynamic superheroes that will prepare you to create the comic book that's been in your head. Or, you can forget bodies altogether. Maybe you're more interested in textures and patterns. This bundle has you covered in that aspect as well. 3D objectives and environments? Check.

No drawing bundle would be complete without a course on animals. In 31 lessons, you'll be given the tools to create the best cat memes around. Two courses on shading will also help you master depth. And if you're intrigued by digital drawing, a master class in creating fantasy art in Manga Studio 5 is included as well. In other words, you'll be well on your way to calling yourself an artist.

The Complete Creative Art & Science of Drawing Bundle is on sale now for $39.99, a 96% discount from the regular cost of $1,172.

Price subject to change.

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