Use your isolation downtime to start your writing career

Sheltering at home doesn't mean you can't master your craft.

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How are you spending your time isolating at home? This moment presents many challenges to all of us. People still going to work are trying to avoid getting sick. Tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs, which has its own emotional challenges. There is no easy advice for anyone.

But this could also be seen as a time of opportunity. We know that necessity is the mother of invention; we just have to put our ideas into motion.

The Digital Creative Fiction Writing Certification Bundle features 64 lessons over four courses, led by world-class learning platform Write Academy, that will help you get that idea out of your head and onto the page. Plus, it'll be a more productive way to spend your downtime.

The Write Fiction Course offers interactive modules designed to help writers master the key aspects of fiction, including setting, dialogue, plot, and character development. These modules also include advice on how to negotiate with agents and publishers.

The Write For Children Online Course will help you harness the power of a child's imagination by teaching you the most effective means for reaching young ones and keeping them interested in your narrative arc. If you check out the TrustPilot reviews, you'll see that this course, in particular, is a favorite amongst Write Academy students.

The Write Romance Fiction Online Course is a deep dive into perfecting the art of romantic comedies, chick lit, and erotica. Given that romance is a top seller around the world, you'll gain keen insights into how to reach (and keep) an audience.

Finally, the Write Young Adult Fiction Online Course is geared toward another important audience: teens. In this course, you'll learn how to create your own Hunger Games or Harry Potter epics.

Sign up for The Digital Creative Fiction Writing Certification Bundle today for just $29.99. That's 97% off the list price, and a smart investment in your storytelling future.

Price subject to change.

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