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Use this time at home to finally master Microsoft Excel

Really knowing your way around Microsoft Excel is a wise move for any modern entrepreneur.

  • While Excel is known as a spreadsheet program, it can be used as a dynamic and powerful analytics tool.
  • Business owners use Excel to keep their books running smoothly.
  • From visual charts to pivot tables, Microsoft's classic program has much to offer.

Some people are using this current bout of isolation as a time for relaxation. Others are organizing their closets and shelves and garages. For a lot of us, this is a time for rethinking careers and envisioning next steps. We often complain about not having enough time. Now that so many of us have it, how are we spending it?

If you want to make the most of your time in isolation, you should consider finally mastering Microsoft Excel. Whether you work a 9-to-5, run a freelance gig, or operate your own business, chances are there's something for you to gain from mastering what is perhaps the most popular office program on the planet.

The Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle Ft. Alan Jarvis & Chris Dutton will get you started, and it's on sale for only $49.99.

From the Excel basics to auditing worksheets and validating data, this 10-course, 760-lesson bundle has everything you need to get the most out of Excel, and it features insight from two bona fide experts, Alan Jarvis and Chris Dutton.

Alan Jarvis has almost 30 years of teaching experience under his belt and has learned a great deal during his time holding senior management positions at multiple blue-chip and Times Top 100 companies.

Meanwhile, Chris Dutton has more than a decade of experience in business intelligence, marketing analytics, and data visualization and is a certified Microsoft Excel Expert. So you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

Want productivity hacks? No problem. You'll learn the suite of Excel's productivity tools by understanding all of the keyboard shortcuts, autofill and flash fill functions, and data validation. Need visuals? Welcome to Excel's unique features, such as filled maps, sparklines, custom templates, dynamic visuals, and interactive form controls. How about those analytic tools? Say hello to grouping values, enabling multiple filters, reviving source data from a cache, and defining custom sort lists.

Whether you need to get a grip on payroll and budgeting or you need advanced data analytics, Excel has got you covered. Grab The Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle Ft. Alan Jarvis & Chris Dutton today for only $49.99 and save over 90% off the list price for all of these courses. With over 63,000 positive reviews, you're in great hands.

Price subject to change. Software not included.

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