This $22 course can teach you to problem-solve more effectively

Master your thinking to excel in business and life.

  • The ability to think deeply on topics helps you make better decisions and solve problems more effectively.
  • Intelligence comes from strategy and training, not from genetics.
  • Metacognition helps you manage thinking skills at a deeper level.

Metacognition is a uniquely human skill. Being aware of your own thought processes is a foundation of consciousness. Metacognitive activities include problem-solving, self-reflection, reassessing your past experiences, and evaluating progress as you complete a task.

These are extremely important and useful abilities. The Mastering Thinking Skills Bundle Ft. Timothy Kenny is a premier program for those wanting to make the most of how they think.

Timothy Kenny is the author of Accelerated Learning for Entrepreneurs. He has taught groups about how to accelerate their learning at Harvard Innovation lab, the Tufts University Entrepreneurs Society, and General Assembly in Boston, as well as consulted with startup teams on how to accelerate their learning, creativity, and growth.

In this four-course, 107-lesson bundle, Kenny teaches you how metacognition can be used to manage your thinking at a deeper level. This skill will help you build a diverse problem-solving toolkit that can be applied to almost every situation in life and at work.

Kenny also teaches the language of metaphors and the development of innovation skills. By constructing a creative "interstate system" that connects different regions of your brain, you'll learn the skills necessary for becoming a creative and flexible thinker.

In these courses, he'll also reveal the power of mini languages, including body, sign, and cryptographic languages. You'll learn how to read much more than just words on a screen in no time.

Kenny also offers lessons in mental math, which will assist you in building a BS detector that helps you find the right solutions to problems fast. As one student says, it's a "great course to improve your mental math and even math in general."

The Mastering Thinking Skills Bundle Ft. Timothy Kenny is on sale for just $21.99, a 97% discount from the original price.

Price subject to change.

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