Turn your YouTube channel into a career with this 8-step course bundle

A step-by-step guide to growing and monetizing your audience.

YouTube is the primary platform for capturing an audience. Since launching in April 2005, the video-sharing site now services over 300 hours of content every minute. With over 10,000 YouTubers amassing over one billion views, traction is possible. You just need to know how to gain that traction.

The Become a Professional YouTuber Bundle is an eight-course bundle made for the aspiring YouTuber. This comprehensive lesson plan, which includes best SEO practices, marketing to potential fans and customers, and guidance in video editing and production, gives you the tools necessary for monetizing your channel.

In the 12 Proven Ways to Turn YouTube Into a Career course, digital marketing expert Bryan Guerra breaks down the business models of YouTube stars and top-rated instructors to show you how to monetize even small audiences. Guerra teaches you the steps necessary for growing your channel from a single subscriber to a million.

SEO optimization is one of the most critical steps in gaining followers. In YouTube SEO Pro, Guerra shows you the ins and outs of YouTube's algorithms and how to make its ranking system work for you.

Multiple marketing courses teach you how to utilize YouTube's internal processes. Guerra also touches upon Google and other sites for capturing attention without spending a ton of money on ads. In the Video Editing for Beginners course, he gives an overview of basic video editing techniques that will help your content shine. There's even a course on uploading best practices to gain more views through optimization techniques.

Bryan Guerra is the founder of Invert Media, an e-commerce and online marketing company. He has taught over 327,000 people how to utilize online marketing and entrepreneurial techniques to help grow their businesses.

The Become a Professional YouTuber Bundle is on sale now for just $29, a 98% discount from the total course package price.

Price subject to change.

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