Write killer sentences with Ludwig, the premium writing tool

This sentence search engine takes an innovative approach to improving your writing skills.

  • Ludwig is a search engine that critiques and offers help to improve your sentences.
  • Ludwig's database includes 200 million expert English sentences for reference.
  • Regularly $299.99, a lifetime of Ludwig access is now only $119.

Practice, focus, diligence and courage. Writing requires all those disciplines if you want it to be good. But whether a writer is lacking in one (or all) of those areas or faces a completely different hurdle, styling perfect sentences to convey the appropriate message is often a lot harder than it appears.

Ludwig is well aware that writing isn't for everybody—yet nearly everyone has to deploy those talents every now and again. That's why the Ludwig sentence search engine is available to give every sentence the polish a crafty writer needs. Right now, a lifetime of access to Ludwig's services are just $119, 60 percent off the regular price.

Ludwig is like having an English teacher reading over all your writing—without any of the guilt or feelings of inadequacy. When you take the sentence you wrote and put it into Ludwig, the service then compares your sentence against the best of the best, over 200 million exceptional English sentences selected from top-quality sources including official documents, scientific journals, and prize-winning journalism.

Judged against that competition, Ludwig offers contextualized suggestions for improving the structure, word choice and clarity of your work. In fact, if you can't come up with the right word, just type an asterisk in the space and Ludwig can figure out the best word to make your sentence sing.

And this is no glorified spell-checker either. Ludwig is becoming a regular fixture at institutions like Oxford, Harvard and Stanford, where quality writing is a must.

Ludwig's nuanced algorithms are also a hit with non-English writers, who avoid the awkward prose of less-refined online translation services and can instead see their foreign language writing become a quality English sentence.

A lifetime of access to Ludwig is normally $299, but you can now save $180 off that price with this latest discount, offered now for just $119.

Prices are subject to change.

Ludwig Sentence Search Engine: Lifetime Subscription - $119

Get Ludwig for $119

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