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Need a creative outlet? Try this inventive new way to learn to play piano.

Get lifetime access to training content that will have you tickling the ivories in no time.

  • Playing a musical instrument has been shown to benefit your brain more than any other activity.
  • Benefits include increased memory and reading skills, increased blood flow in your brain, and a reduction in stress and depression.
  • Performing music has also been shown to help reduce your risk of dementia.

Keeping our brains sharp and healthy is important to all of us. Nothing forces as many parts of your brain to work at once as performing music. The health benefits are well-documented, from sharpening your memory and focus to reducing stress and depression. It's even been linked to a decreased risk of dementia. Fortunately, while it's easiest to learn while you're young, research has shown that you benefit no matter what age you begin.

The many benefits of playing music include (but are definitely not limited to):

  • Training the brain's executive function, which includes decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Helping you process multiple senses simultaneously.
  • Aiding you in strengthening your relationship with others in a playful and engaging manner.
  • Increasing blood flow to your brain, which gives you energy.
  • Making you happier while decreasing anxiety and depression.
  • Helping stroke patients (and other victims of brain damage) recover quicker.

While learning any new skill can seem daunting, Pianoforall: The New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard was created to immediately take beginners all the way up to intermediate levels. Starting off with rhythm-style piano (such as Norah Jones and Billy Joel), the program leads you through ragtime, blues, jazz, and improvisation.

With over 10 hours of lessons and lectures, these 204 modules will get you playing songs quickly and effectively. An additional nine eBooks will help round out your music education. You'll find out quickly why over 160,000 students have already enrolled.

Sign up for Pianoforall: The New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard for only $29.99 today and save 85% off the list price.

Price subject to change.

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