How you can improve your life with mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness has been clinically proven to help you de-stress and boost positive feelings

  • A recent study showed that 40 days of mindfulness training lead to structural changes in the brain and helps improve quality of life.
  • Previous research has shown meditation to be helpful in reducing emotional pain.
  • Daily mindfulness practice helps practitioners maintain focus and boost their cognitive abilities.

A recent study in the journal Scientific Reports found that 40 days of mindfulness training increased overall wellness in a group of college students. Though none of the volunteers had previous experiences with meditation, the regions of their brains associated with self-awareness, consciousness, and empathy all received boosts. Meanwhile, regions associated with anxiety and depression were quieted.

At the end of the study, the students felt better about their lives. Their outlooks on the present and future were more positive.

Simply defined, mindfulness is the ability to be aware of something in the present moment. While this sounds basic, we spend most of our time mulling over the past or portending the future. Mindfulness grounds you in the here and now. Longtime meditators have been shown to exhibit greater emotional control and attentional abilities than non-meditators. They're less stressed and more focused.

Though anyone can learn how to meditate, guidance is important for building a regular practice and knowing where to focus your mind. MindFi Mindfulness was created to fulfill this need. The app is designed to help you reduce stress levels and increase focus; it even helps improve your relationships. When you're able to stay emotionally grounded, you're likely to be more attentive to others.

The app features four different exercise types based on the time of day. Short breaks while at work help you re-center, while 10-minute sessions are perfect for decompressing at night.

Find out why Forbes called MindFi "a perfect app for every aspiring meditator" and Women's Weekly remarked that "MindFi gets you to use your phone positively for a mindful cause" by signing up for a lifetime subscription today. Normally priced at $365, take advantage of this incredible deal for just $39. Your brain will thank you.

Price subject to change.

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