Become a data science pro with this Excel course

This eight-course bundle is your deep dive into PivtotTables, Power Query, and so much more.

  • While traditionally considered boring, spreadsheets are one of the most powerful data analytics tools around.
  • Microsoft Excel has greatly expanded to become an essential visualization platform.
  • In an era in which data is king, this realm of data processing has never been so important.

Since its original release as a spreadsheet program called Multiplan in 1982, Microsoft Excel has become the world's premier business software. If you think that it's only good for spreadsheets, you haven't been paying enough attention.

The Complete Excel Excellence Bundle brings you up to date with the incredible range of services Microsoft's flagship program offers. And for a limited time, this eight-course, 422-lesson bundle is yours for just $39.99.

Learn all about the specific functions, formulas, and tools that Excel offers to help conduct business or data analysis. Excel's powerful forecasting sheets and reports will help you keep a step ahead in whatever industry you work in.

Excel newbies will get a solid grounding in the basics of Excel 2019 and Excel 365. The advanced course offers an in-depth education on Excel features that delve into high-level consolidation, analysis, and reporting of financial information.

PivotTables are an essential analytic tool. In this course, you'll slice, dice, and filter data with ease. You'll also be able to quickly group values, enable multiple filters, and define custom sort lists. As more companies require data science, this is an invaluable skill set to have in your toolbox.

Mac users even gain access to a specially designed five-hour course that will show you every feature and shortcut you need to know to excel in Excel on your operating system.

Valued at $648, the Complete Excel Excellence Bundle is on sale now for only $39.99—a 93% discount from the list price.

The Complete Excel Excellence Bundle - $39.99

Master Excel Today!

Prices subject to change. Software not included.

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