Learn to think like an engineer with the help of these courses

Math can become intuitive with a little practice.

  • Engineering is the foundation of society, from physical infrastructure to every device in your possession.
  • Electrical engineering is one of the most in-demand occupations in the technological age.
  • The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle teaches you how to think like an engineer.

Have you ever felt like you're just not good at math? Many people feel they don't have the intuitive sense needed to grapple with mathematical concepts. Yet no one is born a math genius. As with everything, it takes time and patience.

The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle teaches you how to think like an engineer through a range of math concepts, including applied calculus, machine learning, data science, and Algebra 2. This nine-course bundle will help you acquire that intuition you seek.

The first four courses are dedicated to applied calculus for engineers. Through 219 lessons you'll learn the principles of beginner to advanced calculus. Practical knowledge will be applied to 3D coordinate systems. You'll also learn how to perform mass calculations to varying densities and take a deep dive into aerospace and robotics.

With 165 lessons devoted to data science and machine learning, you'll be schooled in linear equations, single matrix, vectors, determinants, and more. The complete guide to Algebra 2 is an education in fractions, exponents, inequalities, and surds. A course on linear algebra will help you brush up on basic matrix operations and computer determinants.

Aerospace and robotics engineer Mark Misin leads you through these 560 lessons. Misin has taught thousands of people the fundamentals of math over the course of his career. You could be the next.

The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle is on sale now for just $28.99 – 97% off the original price.

Price subject to change.

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