Society needs electrical engineers to function. Here's how you can become one.

Learn to understand the foundations of modern life and even launch a new career.

  • Electrical engineering is the study, design, and application of systems that utilize electricity and electronics.
  • Modern applications include power grids, telecommunications, and circuit boards.
  • Computing systems such as supercomputers and tablets rely on electrical engineering.

Modern society is powered by complex systems that keep everything from sleepy suburbs to major metropolises operational. Electrical engineering is at the heart of how the entire world operates, yet most of us have little idea how it all works.

Whether you're pivoting to a new career or are just curious about the power structures of society, educating yourself on how modernity runs has extraordinary benefits. For anyone who has ever wanted to learn about electrical engineering, The Introductory Electrical Engineering Master Class Bundle is your go-to guide.

These 381 lessons, taught across 5 separate courses by electrical power engineer and Khadija Academy founder, Ahmed Mahdy, will teach you all about electric DC circuits, electrical substations, Autocads, transformers, and more foundational elements.

The training serves as a perfect entry-point for newcomers and can lay the foundation to a successful electrical engineering career, which can pay up to six figures in the United States.

You can purchase The Introductory Electrical Engineering Master Class Bundle for only $25, an incredible 97% discount off of the list price. Whether for your career or out of personal interest, these classes are the perfect introduction to the complex and fascinating world of modern power structures and are at a price that's hard to beat.

Price subject to change.

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