Ready for a career pivot into electrical engineering?

This wide-ranging, 13-course electrical engineering training is your next power move.

  • Electrical engineering is the application, design, and study of devices and systems that use electricity.
  • Related fields include telecommunications, computer engineering, and electronics.
  • Specialization within this field includes nanotechnology, electrochemistry, and microwave engineering.

Since electricity came under the purview of scientists in the 17th century, our world has grown more and more dependent on it—often in unexpected ways. A degree in electrical engineering prepares you for dozens of fields of studies, ranging across various fields in the sciences.

The Electrical and Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle is your one-stop course bundle to prepare you for certifications in electric circuits, power generations, electronics, and much more. With 13 courses and over 34 hours of content, it's exactly what you need to light the fuse and pivot into electrical engineering.

Telecommunications experts rely on electrical engineering, as do power engineers, nanotechnology experts, and renewable energy workers. This bundle begins with the basic concepts and laws of electrical circuits, electricity, and dependent and independent sources.

Numerous forms of electric circuits exist. You'll learn about mesh analysis and nodal analysis, supernodes, and supermesh. Deep dives into Superposition, Thevenin's, and Norton's theorems round out your education on this essential circuitry.

Electricity is more than circuits, though, so courses on induction generators, motors, rectifiers, and operational amplifiers offer a broad overview of the entire field. From there, you'll step back and look at fire alarm, telephone, and data systems, and how electricity matters to each.

All of these courses are taught by electrical power engineer Ahmed Mahdy, the founder of Khadija Academy. Mahdy has taught over 25,000 students the ins and outs of electrical engineering over the course of his career and was named one of Udemy's top 10% most-engaging instructors.

The Electrical and Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle is on sale now for just $59.99, a 95% discount from the original $1,287 value.

The Electrical & Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle - $59.99

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